Wi-Fi adapter not finding networks after restarting

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I am a new user to the fedora system, but not new to Linux directly. There was an option to install apt-get on fedora as far as I knew, and apt had this weird error about a network device. Being myself, I ran the command apt --fix-broken install (something similar to that) and it fixed as it was supposed to. When I went to sleep last night, my computer (this morning) was on the lock screen. I typed in my password and came back to a black screen. So I forced a restart and booted on the kernel 5.3 as it was a new option for me, and my networks weren’t showing up. Restarted on 5.4, same thing there. I believe I’m using a network adapter from the company Qualcomm (if spelt correctly). Please guide me through the commands/steps needed to get my network adapter back up and running again, as no other guides/questions have helped me.

Try this.

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Backup your important data.
If possible, just reinstall Fedora.
Update Fedora: dnf upgrade.

If trouble doesn’t returns this way, try to install apt-get not system-wide, to avoid same troubles again.

BTW: Some people have had troubles with network interfaces recently. Who know why…