Why when I open a partition or I mount a USB, the USB or the partition are mounted in "/run/media/<username>"

Good Morning,
When I open a USB Drive or a partition of my hard disk, they are mounted in /run/media/luigicapp/ instead of /media/luigicapp/ and it asks me the root credentials. How I can fix it?
Excuse my English but I am not a native speaker.
Thank You.

If you make an entry in /etc/fstab for that device using the UUID or file system LABEL you can specify the mount point. Using the ‘nofail’ option will prevent a hang on boot if the device is not available.

You can also set ownership of the mount point and device with ‘chown’ or with options in the fstab entry so when the device is mounted it will belong to your user and not to root.

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I don’t remember exactly when this change landed in Fedora, but it was many years ago — /run/media is the default for automatic mounts and /media (as well as /mnt) are largely unused. I’m not sure why you are asked for root credentials, though.

That may depend on what exactly is on the drive and what you’re doing with it. Can you be more specific about the actions you are taking, please?

On my system I am not asked for credentials for mounting, but cannot access the device as my regular user unless I change ownership of the device after mounting. It seems to be mounted with root ownership if it has not been previously mounted and had the ownership changed.
After changing the ownership then mounting it again later retains that change.

When I open the partition of my principal hard disk (the partition is called File) with Dolphin (I use Fedora KDE spin) ask me the credential for root. The partition is a normally partition where I put the backup of my file and I use it also for share file from Fedora to Windows and inversely.
in any case there are no problems if it is mounted in /run/media?