KDE not automounting external USB drive

I recently moved from Gnome to KDE. I just finished a fresh install of Fedora 35. I’m noticing that my external USB drive isn’t mounting at boot and login like I experienced in Gnome.
Is there a reason for that? And a fix?

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Please check on Dolphin left side panel on very bottom, or run lsblk to check.

If you’re sure your external USB drive didn’t mounted automatically, you could customize it on System Settings > Removable Storage > Removable Devices and modify it as you prefer.


Yeah. My device was appearing in Dolphin and lsblk it just wasn’t automounting at boot like i was expecting from my experience in Gnome.
Thanks for the solution. It’s too bad this isn’t a default setting for KDE.

There should be also an icon like an sdcard on the bottom right bar near to speaker and network icon status.