Why is rustup not avaiable as a package?

Hello everybody,
I’am interested, why rustup was not packaged in the repo nor included by the cargo package.
Was this an active decision and if so what was the reasoning behind it?
Thank you in advance and have a nice evening :slight_smile:

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Hi @roisoleil , welcome to the forum. Would you have a link to this software please?

Please see this post for an explanation of how packages are included in Fedora:

TLDR: it isn’t in the repos because no one has needed to package it up yet

Hi @ankursinha , thank you for your kind response!
Here is the repo link: GitHub - rust-lang/rustup: The Rust toolchain installer
And here is the installer script: https://rustup.rs/

rustup is used to install cargo and other stuff of the rust toolchain, which are in parts already packaged. But in my case, I need rustup to install additional packages for crosscompiling to arm thumbv7 and some llvm-tools, which are also not available in the repos.

Hello @roisoleil ,
I am not entirely sure but I think there were some issues with binaries that precluded it, and possibly @ankursinha is also right about it not being in demand, however it is the rust toolchain so I think it is more than that. So it would likely relate to the policies Fedora has on packaging and the complexity of packaging something like it within those packaging guidelines.