Why is GNOME Connections preinstalled in F35 Silverblue?

Title kinda says it all. This seems like a weird choice for being preinstalled. Especially as there is a Flatpak for it. So: What am I missing? Does anyone know, what the rationale here is?


Hello @sukahiroaki ,
It is a Gnome 41 release change as noted at https://help.gnome.org/misc/release-notes/41.0/. It is not a Fedora Linux change.

The GNOME releases contain loads of applications that are not pre-installed on Silverblue so I’m not quite sure I can follow your argument. Unless you want to suggest that all of those (including GNOME Music, GNOME Photos, GNOME Maps, GNOME Games) should be part of the base image for Silverblue, too :wink:

Well, I’m not arguing, merely pointed out the release notes for Gnome. I don’t use boxes remote desktop capability that Connections replaces, and I haven’t tried the F35 Beta yet to see if it installs Connections automatically onto a bare metal fresh install for me.

I’ve rebased from 34 to 35 and I confirm I have gnome-connections installed:

$ rpm -q gnome-connections

Yes, it’s surprising. It doesn’t seem a “core app” for Silverblue. And there’s a flatpak already.

Looks like I was confused by the name and included it in Silverblue as I thought it was related to network configuration. Will remove it. Thanks!


That’s a great outcome, thanks! :slight_smile:

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