Why firefox does not have deltarpm updates

Why Firefox does not have deltarpm downloads? When I try to upgrade Firefox from v97 to v98, it downloads full Firefox package. I tried to create a deltarpm between these two version to check savings and it came out with just 26mb.

Is there any reason for not providing drpm for firefox?


The release engineering or infrastructure teams will have to answer this specific question but this recent thread will provide some general information on the state of deltarpms in Fedora:


And this pagure ticket that the thread links to:


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Since there are no delta rpm for firefox, It looks like it better to download firefox directly from mozilla as it only updates whatever is need similar to delta rpm.
I don’t understand why Firefox package from fedora repo are larger than other distros. Inefficient compression?

fedora from fedora - 104 mB
firefox directly from mozilla - around 74 mB
firefox from arch linux repos - 62 mB
firefox debian - 55 MB.