Why does this happen after I install the NVIDIA driver?

I installed the NVIDIA graphics card driver in Fedora 39, and it became like this after restarting. How to solve?

It would help to know how you installed the driver and if youe trying to log in using wayland or xorg.

We really need more info.
If you have secure boot enabled the nvidia driver will not load unless you also have created and imported a signing key into bios and the modules were signed when they were compiled locally.

Is secure boot enabled or disabled?
The command sudo mokutil --sb-state will give that answer.

After logging in you can tell which driver is in use with `lsmod | grep -E ‘nvidia|nouveau’. If it lists nvidia modules the nvidia driver is in use. If nouveau then the nvidia driver is not loaded.

If you did not already disable secure boot then I suggest you enter the bios setup menu and disable secure boot then try again.

The aspect ration seems slightly off, but otherwise it looks normal.