"Falling back to nouveau" message after installing the drivers in new fedora 38 install

Hi, I installed f38 today in my latop and installed nvidia drivers from software app. i rebooted the sytstem i saw the message = falling back to nouveau

I saw different post about solving it but is there a proper steps to follow to fix this issue? I don’t want to randomly try out all the commands.

My guess is that the nvidia driver failed to load becuase of secure boot.

Have you turned off secure boot in the BIOS? This must be off to load the nvidia driver.

If you must have secure boot then you must follow the instructions to sign the nvidia driver.

Instructions for signing the modules to use with secure boot are located at
There are a couple steps that are not included if the driver is installed before those steps are followed.

  1. The steps in that README must be followed.
  2. The old unsigned modules must be removed. sudo dnf remove kmod-nvidia-\*
  3. The modules must be rebuilt and installed with the signature attached. sudo akmods --force
  4. Once step 3 completes then wait another 1 or 2 minutes before rebooting. The driver now should load properly.

Sorry for late reply, I can finally got the gpu loaded correctly using this (Automatically sign NVidia Kernel module in Fedora 36 - Monosoul's Dev Blog) . but in wayland gnome nvidia setting and gpu utilization not working but in xorg session it does, any fix