Why does Problem Reporting in Fedora Workstation work smarter than in Fedora Cinnamon Desktop Spins?

Yesterday I decided to do clean installation.
The clean installation is saying goodbye to Fedora Cinnamon Desktop Spins and installing Fedora Workstation instead.
This crash still remained.
But I didn’t have to report, on the other hand Problem Reporting in Fedora Workstation did do it automatically.

Why can’t Fedora Cinnamon Desktop Spins automatically do it?

It should—it includes abrt like the Workstation and other spins. I’ll wait for a Cinnamon user to confirm if abrt isn’t working on it.

Note that a bug has not been filed here, you need to click “Report” to file one. Only the crash has been reported to the abrt database.


abrt’s retrace servers has been down for quite some time due to datacenter move, so until recently I was unable to report any problem using gnome-abrt. I see that they are back up again: https://status.fedoraproject.org/

As for retracing, I don’t remember it ever happening automatically out of the box on Cinnamon and KDE spins (as FranciscoD pointed out, there’s still a bug report to be done), and it seems reasonable. I always make a wild guess whether I want to send a core dump to retrace server or analyze it locally, without checking ‘Don’t ask me again’.

Maybe somewhere in Gnome welcome/onboarding you agreed for automatic sending of core dumps and remote retracing? I’m just guessing, my Fedora Workstation testing has always been brief, due to Gnome 3.

  1. Yesterday, when I was using Fedora Cinnamon Desktop Spins and reporting.
    There was a warning message mentioning the server was failed.
  2. Can you please see the attached screenshot in this question ?
    Will I have to download like that in every time when I report every problem ?
  1. I noticed that retrace servers are back up while writing the answer here (I haven’t hit a core dump in quite some time), so maybe you’ve just hit a downtime.
  2. If you don’t use retrace servers, then not downloaded before debug packages are populated for local retrace. Another retrace might need different packages and will require downloading of only missing ones.
    Here’s more about retrace servers: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/RetraceServer