Cannot report any crashes because all ABRT "Retrace jobs" fail

Is anyone else seeing this? I’m not quite sure how to generate a crash that I know should succeed when ABRT tries to analyze it, so it is hard to be sure what is wrong. But, I’ve certainty reported crashes in the past, so I know it generally works. And the retrace jobs are remote, so it seems unlikely that there is something wrong with my system that is causing this, but I guess it’s possible.

Would you have some examples of what packages the retrace jobs are failing for? More information here would be very useful.

I don’t remember all of them. One was NeoVIM, but you probably cannot recreate my exact NVIM setup without me posting my whole config. But, as I say, it’s been a long time since it worked. I think all of F37, for sure, and it may have even started in F36.

You could try cpu-x. That’s what I did most recently and, a after that, I knew there was a real problem because it’s a very small program, and shouldn’t be hard to trace. There was a bug reported several months ago and I’m still getting a crash. My system is AMD with AMDGPu, and the crash looks AMD specific.

Another one you could try is quake3. Quake3 RPM has been broken for, jeez, I’m gonna say 2 or 3 years? It will crash on all systems.

I reported to bugzilla and looks like someone already has a new pkg to test.

Looks like it’s already been fixed. I didn’t realize my bugzilla API key had expired, but now its working with the new, updated ABRT pkg and dependencies on updates-testing.

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