Why does my laptop fan stops working after overnight suspend and starts working on restart?


I am using Fedora 38 and have been using it for over a month now, sometimes my laptop would overheat and I had no idea why it was happening, then I found s-tui and started using it to check sensors data and found that my fans were not working some times, and I narrowed it down to the long duration overnight suspend on lid close was causing it, once restarted the fan starts working again. Is there any solution for this? Also I am not sure if its a software or hardware issue so any kind directions on how to find the issue would be really helpful. Another thing to note is upon restarting after the fans are off the BIOS gives warning for failing fan but restarting again the fan is running.

My Kernel is 6.5.5-200.fc38.x86_64
Laptop is Dell Vostro 3478 (2018)

Thank you.

A fan that is aging sometimes has bearings that tend to get gummy and require higher power to turn. When a fan has failing bearings it sometimes will stop even when it has power and should be running at low speed, then restart at higher power. Bios sees the fan that is stopped when it has power as failing.

Since your laptop is 5 years old this may be be the cause and it is possible that replacing the fan, or simply shutting down completely instead of suspending, may be the only options.

Thanks for your response, I understand what you said regarding my Laptop being old but I had the fan replaced last year as it was making weird noises. Anyways looks like I will now have to try practicing powering off overnight instead of suspending.

Fans may have one of two different types bearings. Sleeve bearings are cheaper and last less time. Ball bearings last longer. I have had fans with sleeve bearings that failed in less than 3 months.

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