Upon suspend screen goes black, fan continues very weakly, a hard reboot is required to get get anything (F38)

Bassicly yeah, upon attempted suspend it doesn’t fully suspend and a hard reboot is required to do anything
in this state the laptop’s fan is slowly spinning but nothing else seems to be happening
I attempted to use this to solve the issue but the problem remains: Fedora 37 won't wake from suspend related to power-profiles-daemon
Upon rebooting i get an error message that directs here:
it’s not the end of the world (If i don’t let it suspend, I won’t have this problem but it still sucks)

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I have similar symptoms, too! Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10 (OLED display version).

Dell Inc. Inspiron 5585 with a AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700U with Radeon™ Vega Mobile Gfx × 8

is there a way we can try to prioritize this issue, and better report what is happening?

This is a major problem, it should be addressed as soon as possible.

after doing a BIOS update I was able to change a setting to force sleep mode to s3, this allows the computer to now sleep and resume from sleep

I suspect the error is that Fedora was trying to force the computer into an unsupported sleep mode, there is likely a way to achive the same thing from a command, try diffrent sleep modes and see if one works.

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Could you please expand a bit more on how to achieve this? I believe my BIOS is up to date… how can I do the other things? (if you could share also how to update the BIOS too it would be great)

to do a bios update I booted into windows and went to dell’s website downloaded and installed the bios update (it was in a .exe so it had to be done from windows), this likely will change depending on who makes your computer idk.

After the bios was installed and I rebooted, and entered bios setup (in my case spamming f2 during startup) and there was just an option in there that allowed me to force s3 sleep

if you don’t have that option you might need to do more research as idk how you would go about doing it in software


Thanks a lot! I actually had S3 sleep mode already enabled, but it did not work anyways. I now changed it to “Linux and Windows”, but I have the same problem.

Fedora’s fwupd does firmware updates on my Dell system, so not everyone needs Windows. In the past, I have installed .exe updates by booting a DOS system.