Who to trigger that the dotnet-sdk-8.0 package needs to be update to the newest sdk?


I’m using dotnet to develop software, don’t judge me ;).

So i installed the dotnet-sdk-8.0, and everything is fine. Except that it is just 8.0.10x version of the sdk, and not the 8.0.20x Version.

Newer Version of sdk like 8.0.20x has critical fixes for us developers (like Primary Constructor parameters shown as null in debugger · Issue #6827 · dotnet/vscode-csharp · GitHub) which Microsoft does not backport.

For the dotnet Version the newest version 8.0.x is in the fedora repository, but not the SDK.

So I added the official Microsoft repository (for fedora 39), to my package repositories on my machine. Removed the fedora dotnet packages before (because they use a different places on the machine to unpack the packages content for dotnet).

I installed the newest dotnet SDK 8.0.200 from the packages-microsoft-com-prod, so far so good.

❯ dnf list "dotnet*" --repo packages-microsoft-com-prod
Last metadata expiration check: 0:24:43 ago on Sa 09 Mär 2024 17:32:24 CET.
Installed Packages
dotnet-apphost-pack-8.0.x86_64     8.0.2-1     @packages-microsoft-com-prod
dotnet-host.x86_64                 8.0.2-1     @packages-microsoft-com-prod
dotnet-hostfxr-8.0.x86_64          8.0.2-1     @packages-microsoft-com-prod
dotnet-runtime-8.0.x86_64          8.0.2-1     @packages-microsoft-com-prod
dotnet-runtime-deps-8.0.x86_64     8.0.2-1     @packages-microsoft-com-prod
dotnet-sdk-8.0.x86_64              8.0.200-1   @packages-microsoft-com-prod
dotnet-targeting-pack-8.0.x86_64   8.0.2-1     @packages-microsoft-com-prod

Except that now dnf and Software would like to update the official packages to the ones from fedora.

❯ dnf check-update
Last metadata expiration check: 0:02:07 ago on Sa 09 Mär 2024 17:53:49 CET.

aspnetcore-runtime-8.0.x86_64                8.0.2-1.fc39           updates
aspnetcore-targeting-pack-8.0.x86_64         8.0.2-1.fc39           updates
dotnet-apphost-pack-8.0.x86_64               8.0.2-1.fc39           updates
dotnet-host.x86_64                           8.0.2-1.fc39           updates
dotnet-hostfxr-8.0.x86_64                    8.0.2-1.fc39           updates
dotnet-runtime-8.0.x86_64                    8.0.2-1.fc39           updates
dotnet-targeting-pack-8.0.x86_64             8.0.2-1.fc39           updates
netstandard-targeting-pack-2.1.x86_64        8.0.102-1.fc39         updates

But the Fedora Packages and the Microsoft Package don’t play well together (something about not finding the SDK and can’t compile programs because of that).

I would like to simply use the Fedora packages instead of the Microsoft Packages, but for that they also must update to package to the newest sdk, and not just the Framework.

Where do I put this request?

Or, can I tell dnf for dotnet* just use the Microsoft repository?

I think i can pin the packages, so that the won’t get updated, but then I have to update them manually most months in the year. That’s not very comfy.

Thanks in advance.

Great, typically, after I wrote the post, I stumbled on the maintainer. I’m already in contact with him, but it seems not that easy…