Fedora 36 dotnet 6 installation

Hello everyone. I am new to Linux and new to Fedora. Currently I had installed dotnet 6.0 SDK as per the installation guide here Install .NET on Fedora - .NET | Microsoft Learn. But today I did a sudo dnf update and dotnet was one of the updated packages. So I tried running the dotnet command but it said there were no SDKs installed. So I decided that something went bad and tried reinstalling the dotnet SDK, but now it just says dotnet command not found and is trying to install dotnet-host. Even after I tried installing dotnet-host package it says that it is already installed, but the problem persists and dotnet command is not found.I read this issue Fedora 32: No SDKs were found · Issue #11533 · dotnet/sdk · GitHub and did everything, but it is still not working.