Which component corresponds to the Suspend feature?

The Suspend feature has never worked on my laptop when running Fedora Silverblue and I’m trying to submit a bug report on Red Hat Bugzilla. To submit the report, I just need to find out what component the “Suspend” function falls under. Does anyone know? I tried following the guide to identifying the component but couldn’t find the relevant one.

You should report the issue for the kernel package.

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You might want to read the S0ix thread:

Generally failing to suspend usually is a symptom from S0ix sleep being enabled but the kernel not properly powering down all components.

You can sometimes (it depends on the device BIOS) revert back to S3 sleep.
Read the “Improve the S0ix experience under Linux” thread for more info, but you can try adding mem_sleep_default=deep to your kernel parameters.

How do I add mem_sleep_default=deep to my kernel parameters? And is doing so risky?