Where's Matthew this week (an experiment in Fedora Project Leader visibilty...)

Hi everyone! I’ve been FPL for a while now, and one difficulty I still have is being pulled between internal RH stuff [1] and being active and visible in Fedora itself. Sometimes I jump back and forth based on what’s most on fire, but that’s far from ideal. I’m working on keeping the balance. And, as part of that, I’m going to try an experiment of posting what I’m expecting for each week at a high level to this thread, every Monday. [2]

Feel free to comment or ask questions or tell me I’m missing something.

Oh, and I have a question for you: I can set the topic to delete older replies, because it’s meant to be more of a “what’s up right now” thing than a history. But if anyone thinks I should leave that off so posts accumulate, let me know!

  1. Fedora advocacy, keeping people and processes connected, etc., as well as training, mentoring, meetings, and other regular aspects of a job ↩︎

  2. ADHD makes keeping to routines like this extra difficult for me, so… may not be perfect. But let’s see how it goes. ↩︎

  • Monday: ugh, working on backlog of stuff I needed to organize
  • Tuesday: out all day for an all-managers training day at Red Hat, because wow I’m a manager very soon now
  • Wednesday: a lot of meetings that were pushed out from Tuesday :classic_smiley:
  • Thursday: time to ship the beta! (right?)
  • Friday: we’ll see

This is unfair, today is Tuesday :rofl:

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Want to trade our Tuesdays? I spent the morning at the SSA office :stuck_out_tongue:

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