Where to report application crashes?

Where can we file bug reports for application crashes?

I see that ABRT has kept logs for a half-dozen or so app crashes on my system, but the automatic reporting does not work.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve used ABRT automatic bug reporting, but if I recall correctly, for that automated process to work, you have to obtain a Bugzilla API key and enter it the ABRT GUI app.

The link to “How to file a bug” is a dead link now. Anyone have a working link?

The closest thing I’ve been able to find is this: Log in to Red Hat Bugzilla

However, I don’t know what to put for the “component”. There is no general Asahi component, only “asahi-installer” and other things.

My specific issue is that Blender crashes on startup due to an OpenGL error – what is the appropriate way to report this?

Joe Walker’s link worked for me just now - however, the login link you provided is what you need to get the API key that the ABRT GUI app wants (logging in with either Red Hat or Fedora credentials, such as those for this site, should work).

However, that being said, Alyssa mentioned a few weeks ago that Blender has an issue currently as they bumped their OpenGL requirements to 4.3, so there’s no need to file a bug - it’s just going to take some time to get there.

Updated link, https://docs.fedoraproject.org/en-US/quick-docs/bugzilla-file-a-bug/

I edited the above link to work again.

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Thanks for the context about Blender + OpenGL.

Please do not report any OpenGL issues (or general graphical issues) to upstream Fedora, they can’t help you with that. GL driver issues should be reported here (or starting topics here is fine too), but reporting apps that require higher GL versions than we support like Blender is not useful. That’s just normal, apps have certain version requirements the driver does not meet yet and that’s not a bug per se, it means you have to wait until support improves.

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Thanks for the clarification.

It is very confusing when some community members say “just report all application crashes to the Redhat Bugzilla” and then that turns out to not be the recommended practice.

It would be helpful to have this information also on the blog or the website. I was not aware that i) that OpenGL issues should be reported somewhere else, and ii) Blender was known not to work. I cannot find either of these facts documented anywhere else (but if I missed it somewhere, please let me know and link it here).

In general apps should display a sensible error message when their requirements are not met. If Blender is not doing that or is displaying a cryptic/hard to understand error message in this case, then that is worth filing as a bug with Fedora/upstream Blender. It’s up to apps to tell users clearly when their system does not meet their minimum requirements, we can’t really maintain an up to date list of the minimum GL version for every app.

For example, OBS will pop up a clear error message on Asahi when launched normally right now (though it actually runs perfectly if you override the GL version, which is another story, but this doesn’t apply to Blender since it actually uses unsupported features).

As for GL issues, yeah, we need to figure out more docs to explain exactly where to report that stuff. Right now there isn’t really much documentation for the Fedora remix per se, I’ve been meaning to write some stuff up but haven’t had time yet.

Edit: Currently talking about setting us up on the Bugzilla so we can use that for all Asahi stuff too, that’s probably easiest for everyone.

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