Where is Silverblue's user accessible /usr or /bin directory/replacement?

Hi there good folks,

I have a particular program that I’m trying to install and run on my system (Tracktion Waveform 12). For it I only have the .deb file (no other means available for the newest version).

Now, I can open the .deb file and enter data.tar.xz, and see that there’s a certain structure inside:

./usr/share and four folders here, and
./usr/bin/Waveform12 (the program itself)

Now, I’m wondering where can I unzip these to make this program work? A user on another forum suggested I unzip them the /bin in ~/bin, but I don’t have such a folder in my home directory. Should I?

Or do I need to do something else? Where are the /usr and /bin replacements/symlinks located in Silverblue? At least for /share there is ~/.local/share, so that’s more or less recognisable.

Also, do I need to run the program through Toolbox in order for it to have access to folders etc.?



Is there a way to just unload/unzip the .deb into a Flatpak of a previous version of the program and make it work that way? There’s a flatpak for it on Flathub, but it’s a few versions behind.


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It is not present by default but you can create it. It even puts it per default in an user specific environment (see ~/.bashrc)

User specific environment

if ! [[ "$PATH" =~ "$HOME/.local/bin:$HOME/bin:" ]]

export PATH

Have a look if you find this in silverblue too. I use the “mutable” Workstation.

Before you mess up :slight_smile: your system/home, try to use toolbox.
Or distrobox with a Debian/Ubuntu container.
In addition, it’s ok to ask if the flatpak maintainer can update the software if it is possible.

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