Where I can see a list of Ambassadors per country?

Where can I see a list of Ambassadors per country? I am trying to locate some people from my country, and it seems can’t find the proper space.


We don’t have a good way of discovering other Fedorans in a specific region or country right now. Part of this is that we skew towards privacy-sensitivity and try not to unwittingly collect data about contributors. Another part is that we also don’t have a good opt-in way of sharing this data with other contributors.

What is something that you think would be helpful here? Do you have any ideas of what this could look like?

In the meantime, you could look back at this old wiki page. A script used to update it with information from the Fedora Account System, but it looks like the script is broken since 2017. There is no telling how up-to-date the list would be for your country, but maybe this is at least a start?


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@bogomil, @smarnv I’m occasional (unfortunately) contributor from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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