Calling all Fedorans for outreach!

Hola, Amigos!

Let’s start by congratulating ourselves on the fabulous feature-packed
Fedora 36.
As a part of the celebration, we have a Release Party coming up and even you can
join/host something in your area!

More of that later, Today we announce the dates and time for our next
Global Ambassador Call which is a meet and greet online session. This
call is usually led by Marie Nordin (the FCAIC), Mariana, and Me. We
love talking about what’s happening around you, and how you are
involved in outreach, and this is the BEST place to be if you want
to be the face of outreach in your region.

We have a lot of announcements about how we want to shape the
Outreach, in the recent past, we have had folks request us for
guidance, budget and proposed tickets in Mindshare repo. We will love
to take questions and even guide people to become future Ambassadors
if you aren’t one!

This call will be recorded for archival purposes.The recording for the
last call is up on Youtube (unlisted due to bad quality) [0]. We have
set a new meeting for this month, Wed, May 18, 2022 - 15:00 UTC [1].
Community Blog will have updates from our call and how we are moving

[0] Fedora Ambassadors Kick Off Call March 2022 - YouTube
[1]ambassadors - Fedocal

Let’s make Fedora Community Better!