Ambassadors Emeriti - Account Move

Hi all. My Ambassadors account has been moved to Fedora Ambassadors Emeriti without my knowledge. Possibly I did not receive any notification mail, as I have changed my E-Mail address in that time without updating it in FAS. I have been all the time active, e.g. presenting the project on events like LinuxDay etc. So I would kindly like to ask if someone could move my account mmoeller back to the regular Ambassadors group.


I have just added you back to the Fedora Ambassadors group. Please keep updating your FAS email, it really helps us keep the communication channel open. Also, a few notes, share your Fedora outreach experiences here by simply creating threads. It helps fellow Fedorans gather experiences/ideas for planning their (sometimes even the-very-first) event(s).

Welcome back! :slight_smile:

Please reach out, if you have any questions!