What resources are available to learn to use Gnome-builder?

Greetings fellow humans, human fellas!

I’ve started using Gnome-builder as my main IDE for C and Rust programming(well learning C and Rust).

Coming from VSCode, I’ve been having a few issues with it.

Due to its relatively low popularity, there isn’t much documentation I could use to learn the ins and outs of the system.

Does anyone know any resources I could use to learn said program?

GNOME Builder documentation:


I’ve went through the documentation. Sadly, I could not figure out the basics of the systems yet.

I’ve never used it and don’t know of any resources for it, What are you having trouble doing?

I’ve never used this caliber of IDE before(only text editors) so all these knobs and thingymagigers are very new to me.

Thr official documentation isn’t bery helpful. It’s like the Python documentation. Enough to be considered documentation but barely explains much.

If you have a specific ask, I could try it out but I don’t know of any documentation of the complete ins and outs of the software. I’m not much of an IDE user. I used to maintain xwpe but basically only used it as a text editor. I currently use geany but again only use the text editor features.