How to develop application for linux

is there any framework or library available in linux for application development

You mean for development of GTK or Qt apps?

If you are looking for IDEs, you can use gnome-builder and qt-creator (

sudo dnf install gnome-builder qt-creator

Of course, there are many other IDEs in case you are interested:

@astronaut: we’ll all very happy that you’re looking to learn, but at the moment you are asking very vague and generic questions.

Before you ask questions, you must search for information on your own. Please use your search engine to research and read these questions, and then, when you get stuck somewhere, ask specific questions on this and other forums.

Learning skills in FOSS is not just about asking questions. It is about researching, reading lots of documentation, and asking specific questions that one has not been able to answer themselves. :slight_smile: