What media player do you use?

I’ve been having some problems with vlc not doing playback very well, so I’ve seen people around the internet recommend mpv. So far I’m liking it! Pretty minimal but also extensible with several configuration options available.


SMplayer + mpv as backend

Often use pure mpv from console.

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VLC forever!

Dragon Player and VLC

+1 for Celluloid
+1 for VLC

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VLC here! I have a key binding that runs cvlc --no-video --random ~/Music to randomly play songs from my Music folder.

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mpv and the uosc ui with some uosc.conf tweaks.

uosc link: https://github.com/tomasklaen/uosc


Rythmbox for music as it can play my uPnP/DLNA library. It is so pity that no other GNOME/GTK music players can play uPnP/DLNA sources :frowning:
VLC for music/videos because I can throw any media format at it.

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I’m not sure what your issues are with VLC, but one thing I noticed when I switched to Linux was VLC behaved a little strange and not playing certain files. After some reading from the search engines it seems to have something to do with the default buffer sizes being too high. If you go into settings, select all and I think it was under input/codecs for buffers. Just change the default to a lower number (sorry, I’m not in Linux ATM). Hope that helps

I use mpv. Bouncing between regular and flatpak versions…

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