What is the Procedure to Install Fedora 37 in Raid0

I have been Using Raid in Microsft Windows for 20 years, and now I want to Use it in Fedora 37.
My System is an i9 12900k with 64gb Ram and Four Samsung 990Pro 1TB SSD’s.
I have just Installed Fedora and some how managed to get the Raid0 Working.
Don’t ask me How I Did that as I can’t remember Which Setting I Used.
First Up I Selected all 4 SSD’s, then Clicked on where it says create mount points automatically or words to that effect.
Then I Used One of the Settings Available and set that as Raid0.
But to me it is all Guess Work as I do not know Which Settings I should Apply the Raid To.
Then there is an Option at the bottom of the page where AI can create the Mount Points Manually.
But here again I do not know Which ones to use and What Size to make them , ( , Home, Swap, etc.
About a week ago I had another crack at it and when it was finished I started installing stuff and a Notice Poped up saying I had run out of Space, So I had done something wrong in the raid construction.
Although I had 4TB of Raid0 Space, it’s a mistery as to where it all got gobbled up or lost.
Could some Kind Person provide me with a Link Pointing to Information for The Correct Procedure to use.


Installation Destination

  • Device Selection > Select all disks
  • Storage Configuration > Custom
  • Done

Manual Partitioning > New Fedora Installation

  • New mount points will use the following partitioning scheme: Btrfs
  • Click here to create them automatically
  • SYSTEM > root > Volume > Modify…
    • Select all volumes
    • RAID level: RAID0
    • Size policy: As large as possible
    • Save
  • Done > Accept Changes

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