Workstation Anaconda should not create Raid0 btrfs automatically

After reading some forums posts in the past few days, I connected 3 disks to my machine and do a multi-disk installation of Fedora for the first time ever.
(During the installation, I allow Anaconda to erase all disks and create automatic layouts.)

I have some concerns:

  1. Fedora should not create Raid0 volume on multi-disk setup by default automatically without reminding user to double confirm

  2. Fedora should leave enough free space on 2nd / 3rd unpartitioned (same size as total of efi + boot). This will allow user later manually duplicate efi/boot to other disks to protect for boot disk failure.

  • the disk layout is exactly the same as Server Default, just the btrfs replaced the PV here.
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The default changed upstream with btrfs-progs 5.9, from data raid0 metadata raid1, to data single metadata raid1. That’s the same as what’s used in Fedora 33’s anaconda. Compared to the default with LVM, it’s similar behavior, except Btrfs metadata raid1 means the data on the surviving drive can be scraped just by mounting read-only degraded.


When I test with Fedora Server 33 auto layout, the rootfs is created in a 16GB LV, with all extents allocated in the first disk.

So yes, changing from raid0 data to single data should make btrfs layout closer to lvm layout.

Thank you for the updates.

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