What is the equivalent of Pulseaudio's monitor sources in Pipewire?

When I’ve wanted to keep a recording of what is sent to the loudspeakers, I’ve been using this method with Pulseaudio

  1. Find the output device (sink) using pactl list.
  2. Get the “monitor source” of that sink.
  3. Use that source in parec -d <source> to copy the stream.

Now I’ve switched my system to using Pipewire. The above process still works via the compatibility layer, but I was curious how to do it using native Pipewire tools. I can find the line out device with e.g. pw-cli info all. I wouldn’t say I understand all of the output, but I can not see anything in that list which seems to correspond to the monitoring source of Pulseaudio.

I tried simply using pw-record with the output device itself as a target. The first seconds of the recording sounds fine, but after that it is very chopped up. That doesn’t seem to be the right way to do it.

Any ideas what I should do instead?

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