What is the best spot to contribute to CentOS discussion?

I’ve known about this category for a while, but it seems like you guys also have your own forum and mailing lists. I imagine it’s a similar situation to Fedora in the conversations are spread out among several platforms, but I wanted to see if Fedora Discussion is one that is actively used.


It’s sort of on ongoing question. The forums will likely be archived in the next year. The mailing lists are running on old infra, and something needs to be done, but the CentOS community seems to prefer mailing lists over Discourse for a lot of things. We created this category here to sort of test the waters. We’ve also talked about a dedicated Discourse instance for CentOS, but it’s only worthwhile if people commit to being there.


If you do move to Discourse, good luck!

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I think it makes sense for it to be a section of Fedora’s discourse.

In the end, the two projects are closely related (CentOS is just a variant of Fedora)

FYI, and I think relevant: