What is live kernel patching or live update and how to enable it

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I found this on a redhat page and i found it awesome live os patching same i find it on suse and ubuntu also but i don’t know how to enable it on my fedora os i didnot find that much details how to use this is it already there in fedora or fedora have plans to implement this in future. And some extra details nice to have.

First of all, my opinion is that it isn’t worth it unless you a mission critical 24/7 operation where you can’t afford a server reboot in production.

There are a number of ways to approach it but it generally speaking it is non-trivial Further there are limitations and risks with live patching.

Lastly, in a desktop, I just don’t really understand the applicability. When you update there are other things that will need a reboot beyond the kernel.

That being said, if you want to try it, here is one method:


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Yes i understand but i find that on redhat website and some other destros also offer that i understand for a laptop or home pc there is no need for an live patch but it is good to have.