What hardware viewer GUI application do you recommend?

Is there any GUI application where I can see the hardware installed in my computer?

Try hardinfo or sysinfo.

sudo dnf install i-nex

sudo dnf install kinfocenter

sudo dnf install lshw-gui
(or LSHW in GNOME Software)


If you are talking of a Fedora Workstation, and you are running Gnome, there is Gnome-Settings installed by default. It provides some of the details of your hardware and offers settings capabilities where applicable. There is also the Gnome-System-Monitor which will provide some more details about CPU usage, Memory usage, Processes running, etc… Then there is Gnome-Disks for detailed working on the storage devices of your PC. If your are looking for an all in one graphic tool, something like the Device-Manager MS Windows uses, I haven’t found anything like that, but I also didn’t look.

Hello everyone, I tested the above recommendations and I liked Hardinfo, however, it is no longer available in fusion repositories so I had to install it manually by downloading the RPM from here: