Lshw not a default package?

I recently noticed that lshw is not a package that is installed by default with Fedora Workstation. I think this is something included in RHEL, so was surprised by that. When I see this sort of thing, it sometimes implies that there is something else included which is recommended to supersede usage of a different package.

Is that the case here? If so, what is recommended to use out of the box to display hardware information in a CLI shell?

sudo dmidecode; lscpu; lsmem; lsblk; lspci -n -n -k; lsusb -v -v -t

I don’t think there’s a particular recommendation (or dis-recommendation). There are a lot of similar packages. I think in RHEL, sos report is the typical command for getting info for help reports, although that’s geared around collecting a lot of system info into a sharable file rather than a quick dump of information.

I see people using inxi [1] on Ask Fedora a lot.

For workstation, I think what we really should provide as the default (whether installed or just prominent on GNOME Software) is a GUI tool like

But unfortunately, that was dropped from the Fedora package collection after it failed to build in F18 and no one fixed it. It’d be awesome if someone could help work on porting it to GTK4 and re-include it.

  1. specifically, inxi -Fz — full report with serial numbers, network addresses, etc, filtered out ↩︎


Keep in mind that internet connectivity may not be possible out of the box due to hardware issues, otherwise we can as well just install lshw, meanwhile the above commands are available right in the live session.


So I get that there are multiple ways of doing this, but shouldn’t we have a particular recommended solution out of the box? I feel like that is sort of a basic need, and as Vladislav mentions, not all machines will have initial internet connectivity.

Using the many multiple built-in utilities as Vladislav mentions seems like somewhat of a solution, however, since lshw seems to be a more modern, all-inclusive utility for working on the command line and we don’t have anything graphical as a ready-made candidate, it would still seem reasonable to include by default.

Just my two cents.

I’d be interested to see the screens, especially for hardinfo.