What application can I use for screenshots?

I want to know which simple app to use for screenshots:

  • masking
  • corp
  • resize (resolution or file size)
  • mark up comments
  • etc.

flameshot is nice screenshot app, except that under Gnome it doesn’t integrate well since it requries a tray icon. I had informed the devs some time ago and they said that this is Gnome’s problem and that they are not willing to modify the app just because Gnome doesn’t cater for tray icons. Otherwise really powerful app:


I will second flameshot. I use it every day.


I just tend to use the default tool and then tweak it with Gimp etc :laughing:

FlatHub also shows:


Not tried them out though.


@augenauf @dalto @ankursinha

flameshot and hotshot seems to need a sys-tray, which gnome is not providing. Need more reasearch to get started.

ksnip seems easy to control out of the box.

Currently, I can press “PrtSc” key to take a screenshot, then open it using ksnip to do markups.

(How to setup something like: right click to the PNG file, then choose to open with ksinp?)