Any good instant screenshot upload software?

On Manjaro, which I moved from due to troubling developments, I was able to use Lightscreen to capture the region of a screen, automatically have it uploaded to imgur, and automatically have the URL copied into my clipboard. However, I cannot find anything this convenient on Fedora. The latest commits on Flameshot have such a feature, and I did compile it from source, but the program just freezes during normal usage. Is there such a program anywhere? It’s the only thing that is lacking in my Fedora experience, which is all around much better than Manjaro’s.

Try shutter. It was pretty good the last time I used it.

sudo dnf install shutter

I am aware of it. You have to click around to upload a screenshot after capturing a screenshot, it doesn’t do it automatically for you.

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Ah. Sorry, I’m not familiar with any other software that does auto-capture.

Edit: @hauser Is flameshot not in the repos? There is a recent build according to the Fedora package build service. You can manually download it here if you’d like. But I don’t know if you’ll be able to update it. It’s been a while since I downloaded an rpm manually.

Yes. There was an update to Flameshot in the GitHub that’s been pulled, which automatically copies the upload URL to the clipboard. The release itself hasn’t been updated since 2016, and that is the version that’s in Fedora repositories, but I downloaded the master, built it from source, and tried it. It would just crash with every screenshot. Not very good.

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That’s odd that the repo one is so old. I can’t think of anything else that has the feature you want. I guess it’s the waiting game until the repo version is updated, sorry I can’t be of more help. Maybe someone else will come along.

Have you tried building lightscreen for fedora if you like that product?

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Is installing it as a snap package an option for you?

I tried, but it seems like it doesn’t have make/build instructions, so I don’t know how to do it.

If it’s the master version with the automatic URL copying pulled, sure.

Download the latest snap from Releases · flameshot-org/packages · GitHub

Install it according to the instructions: packages/ at master · flameshot-org/packages · GitHub

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I will see if that works better any better than building it myself.

That issue was reported:

The package seems to be pretty unmaintained on Fedora…

The may actually be dead, the github page doesn’t show any relevant commits since about a year.

It is the same version as the package in Fedora’s repo. It will equally be affected by the bug linked above. So, if you are on Wayland, it won’t run. I would consider this project dead.

I do use KDE on X, so it could work.

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@hauser, have you tried this one: Screenshot Tool - GNOME Shell Extensions?

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