Weird theme glitches in gnome window decorations

I’m seeing some weird glitches in my Gnome window decorations.

For example:


This began when I installed KDE and then switched themes in KDE on my system. However, the problem persists even after changing the KDE theme back to the default, changing the Gnome theme, uninstalling KDE, and upgrading the system from Fedora 33 to Fedora 34.

Any guesses how I can get my Gnome window decorations back to normal?


First create a new user and have a look if you have same problems and give feedback.

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Under a new user account I get normal window decorations.

Is there a way to generate a diff between the dconf settings of two users? That would help limit the search of what user settings might be responsible.

In a terminal you could do:
gsettings list-recursively > ${USER}_gsettings.txt
dconf dump / > ${USER}_dconf-bakcup.txt

and then diff or vimdiff the files.

If you have gnome tweaks installed I would double check the theme settings between the users.

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Thanks, that helps. I looked through all the settings that differed between the two accounts. Theme settings in gnome tweaks are the same for both users (and both set to the default Adwaita). I tried adjusting/resetting a few settings that differed but haven’t found any that affect the misbehaving widgets.