Weird Network Manager problems

Hello there,

Recently I’ve been experiencing this weird behavior, where my internet connection starts go lag and eventually it just disconects. The only way to make it turn back on is by restarting the NetworkManager service, which solves it imediatly but temporarely.

I’m no really sure how to even begin to diagnose this :frowning:

PS: I’ve confirmed this is not a problem with my ISP or router, the other devices in my house still work normally, only my Fedora machine gets disconnected.


Which versions are you using? Fedora, NetworkManager, etc.

Do you have IPv6 enabled? If you do not need IPv6, try disable it and see if it helps.

For some version of NetworkManager, failure to renew IPv6 address will bring down the whole connection.

(For me, it is in the early Fedora 33 days)

What do go lag mean?

  • cannot access using hostname ?
  • cannot access using IP address ?
  • just speed is bad ?

Hey Sampson, thanks for answering

I’m using Fedora 34 Beta.
NetworkManager: 1.30.2-1.fc34

What I meant by lag is that it starts to slow down before it disconects, but not always, sometimes it disconects imediatly.

I’ll disable IPv6 now and see what hapens.


Sounds like Wi-Fi packet loss.
It’s typically hardware/firmware/driver-specific.
You may need to update the firmware or adjust the mode/band/channel on the router.


Considering that I’ve been using the same machine with Fedora 33, and it was working fine with 34 since the begining of April, It would make sense that a recent upgrade broke something.

How would I go about testing that ? Just switching to the previous kernel version would be enough ?



I didn’t get to test the older kernel but there has been an upgrade for both the kernel and the NetworkManager today, so far it seems to have solved it.

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