Wayland screen flickering when making a video full screen in chrome

In chrome when I make a video full screen from a maximized window the entire screen will flicker. If I restore chrome to windowed mode and then make the video full screen there is no flickering. Same happens with gnome-mpv as well.


But the issue doesn’t exist in firefox.

I am on Fedora 30, Gnome wayland session.

Can anyone help me?

I have exactly the same issue with Chrome and found 2 workarounds after some research which both work for me. Unfortunately each has it’s own drawback:

  • option 1: Disable “hardware acceleration” in the advanced settings of Chrome
  • option 2: Select “use system title bar and borders” in settings of Chrome

A more permanent solution would be nice though.

I found the same options after of trial and error.

Finally decided to “use system title bar and borders” option for now.

This is what worked for me, try to reduce your monitor from 60HZ to 50HZ or if running a higher default refresh rate like 144HZ reduce to 120Hx

Note that the thread you posted on has been necro and had a solution more than 4 years ago. It does not seem likely the OP had this issue 4 years ago with a release version of fedora that is now 8 releases old and still needs info.

If you have an issue please start your own new thread.
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