Wayland screen flickering when making a video full screen in chrome

In chrome when I make a video full screen from a maximized window the entire screen will flicker. If I restore chrome to windowed mode and then make the video full screen there is no flickering. Same happens with gnome-mpv as well.


But the issue doesn’t exist in firefox.

I am on Fedora 30, Gnome wayland session.

Can anyone help me?

I have exactly the same issue with Chrome and found 2 workarounds after some research which both work for me. Unfortunately each has it’s own drawback:

  • option 1: Disable “hardware acceleration” in the advanced settings of Chrome
  • option 2: Select “use system title bar and borders” in settings of Chrome

A more permanent solution would be nice though.

I found the same options after of trial and error.

Finally decided to “use system title bar and borders” option for now.