Wayland & NVIDIA Quadro

Plasma 5.22.5; Fedora 35 (.310?); NVIDIA Quadro T2000; OpenGL 3.1; Lenovo P1 Gen 3

I installed the appropriate (according to RPMFusion) Nvidia driver, and rebooted. For extra measure, and for the reasons below, I’ve also powered down and back up.

When I log in to KDE with Wayland, I get only a black screen with a white cursor. The cursor responds to movement, but nothing else responds. I have to power down.

When I log in to KDE with X11, it all starts and works fine.

(I freshly installed the KDE spin of F35, so can’t check with Gnome, etc.)

(A) What’s happening that I get a black screen w/ cursor? From everything I’ve read, Fedora 35 works with Wayland and NVIDIA if the correct driver is installed.

(B) Any relation to the specific backend rendering engine?

(C) Any fix?

(D) I’m new to Linux. I gather that these days most things work but some things don’t. When something–like the above issue–isn’t working as expected, how can I tell if it’s related to the desktop environment or to the distribution?