Problem with nvidia drivers (510) on wayland

So I have a fedora 36 installed with secure boot enabled and just installed the nvidia drivers:
Installing nvidia drivers on a fedora 36 (in dual boot with windows 11) with secure boot enabled
After installing the drivers my external monitor was not working I’ve done the RPM Fusion instructions (External Monitors detection, NVIDIA PrimaryGPU Support).
But no luck, I’ve noticed that external monitor is detected in display settings but its not showing anything. After digging more about it I ended up at gnome bug report page: NVIDIA/Wayland/optimus external monitors always blank so I’ve tried Xorg and everything was working.
My intention was to use KDE on wayland for my DE which I’ve installed just after.
KDE was working on both Xorg and wayland but the problem is on wayland its extremely laggy even more on external monitor (with max fps of 20).

Now my questions are:
what can I do to make it work (no lag on KDE+Wayland)?
should I wait for some fix?
should I downgrade my GPU driver?
why I didn’t have this kind of problems on Ubuntu?
should I switch distro?

Sorry for making it long.
Thank you for your help in advance.

Since this works in xorg but not wayland it seems to be a KDE+Wayland (mostly wayland) issue and should be approached from that angle. Also note that F36 is not final release yet (currently scheduled for May 03) so it would be helpful if you filed a bug and the maintainers were able to look at the issue and possibly fix it before final release.


This does not appear to be a driver issue, and going backward at all would make the wayland issue worse since it is only with fedora 35 release and since that wayland has even worked with nvidia. (driver 495 and up)

We don’t know what you experienced on ubuntu. There are a lot of differences, from the kernel to video drivers to desktop to a new release of gnome (42) and switching distro is entirely up to your choice. Use the one that satisfies your needs and desires.

Fedora is leading edge and you are using a beta release.
Ubuntu is not quite at the same forefront in development so may be more stable since it is lagging behind the development edge a bit.