Want to set different display brightness levels for battery and AC power

Let’s say I will set 100% brightness for when the laptop is on AC power, 30% for when it’s on battery. How can I do this? I’m on F38 gnome/wayland, the laptop is a Lenovo Yoga, every feature of the laptop works perfectly, including brightness key combination and gnome’s slider.

Basically what I want is, when I plug the laptop to power, the screen to go bright, when I unplug it, the screen to dim automatically.

This is a great idea! I’m not immediately sure how to implement this with the new power profiles, but it seems possible.

Thanks. Seems like I managed to attract the attention of the right person.

Maybe making gnome remember two brightness level settings based on power status is a better way to implement. Just an idea.

I wrote a script not long ago to set power levels based on battery events. You could probably extend it to change the brightness as well: