Screen Brightness Set to Minimum When Plugged In or Unplugged

Hello, all… This has happened since F34 for me and it’s still annoying. Anyone know how I can troubleshoot my screen dimming to the lowest setting whenever I plug my Asus Zenbook in or unplug it? This has happened on every kernel and I’m running 5.19.14-200.fc36.x86_64 right now.


Did you have any luck so far?

There is a solution for Mate. I know that you not use mate, just to mention in which direction you have to search.

In mate, the dconf-editor has a entry like /org/mate/power-manager .
Unfortunately i could not find this for the gnome shell. Did you already check if there is a extension who covers that?

Here the source i mentioned from mate:

No dice… No suggestions at all, actually.

Your reply and Mate’s “issue” is interesting. It would seem GNOME developers have hard-wired this dimming “feature” into the DE, since there are no such items in dconf’s /org/gnome.

Thanks for the reply!

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