Screen Dimming

I see that there are some older threads about this topic, but wondering if there are any developments here?

When I change my power setting to balanced, either in the drop down menu or in settings, it goes back to “power saver” mode within seconds.

Thanks for any help/advice!

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I am also hoping for clarification on this. The older threads refer to settings that have been removed from recent (Gnome) releases of Fedora.
My main complaint is the rapid screen dimming. Any method to adjust that time would solve my issue.

I know there was an issue some time ago.
But it was solved with some recent update.
Which kernel version are you using?

I let my system get the latest updates ASAP. The rapid dimming has been the way since I switched to fedora.
I don’t think it is an ‘issue’ or something not working. My complaint is with the user interface that does not allow me to adjust the time to my preference.
I have to tickle the cursor if I am reading something for more than 30 seconds or so.