Wacom properties are duplicated and won't work


This duplicated options appeared since I started using Fedora 37…and just updated to Fedora 38 and still continues but with the difference that the grip pen buttons configurations won’t work :confused:

I happen to have a Wacom tablet and I could try to reproduce your issue as time permits. Meanwhile, could you file a bug report against - I guess - libinput component?

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Ok, thanks Dominik, not sure, but also maybe it’s causing some temporal crashes in my computer, but not sure if it’s related, although it seems to happen each time I alternate between my stylus and touchpad and mouse :confused:

All that began with Fedora 38…in 37 it was all smooth :confused:

Also, i’ve tried to report those…but that one in particular won’t have the inform habilitated…and the gnome ones they’re so often, and when sending, it appears error and can’t send them :confused:

And lastly, i’m somewhat new to linux and fedora so, not sure how to report a bug :confused:

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This one seems to be a kernel error, but ABRT (the problem reporting tool you opened) claims there’s not enough information in the logs to submit a bug report automatically.

You have the right tool for automated bug reporting open. Unfortunately, I can’t read what the text in that dialogue box says, because it’s in… I guess Spanish? Could you switch to English and attach a new screenshot?

You could try reporting the bug manually via Bugzilla: Log in to Red Hat Bugzilla .

Ok, i’ve put here different images about this crashes.

This one seems to be a crash in something called fossilize_repla.... It’s odd that ABRT detected it as a kernel crash.

If you expand the > Show log part and scroll down, we’ll be able to see why it failed.

There’s insufficient information on this screen to say what this is about.

The log is kilometric…but i’ve created a bug report in red hat…maybe there can be something helpful cause i don´t know what else to do.