Wacom One pen not recognized on Fedora 38

Hi There,

After using Ubuntu for 18 years, I’m migrating to Fedora 38, mainly due to snap packages. I’m a professional illustrator and I use Wacom graphic tablets on a daily basis.

After installing Fedora, my Wacom One is detected as a second screen but the pen is not working at all. Others Wacom tablets such as wacom Intuos work properly, so I assume the linuxwacom drivers are installed by default, but the Wacom One pen is just dead.

I tried install again the drivers from source (just in case) but I have a kernel error.

In Ubuntu everything was plug and play and all wacom tablet were recognized without need to install any additional driver.

Do you have any idea of how I could solve this issue?



there are a couple Wacoms with “One” in their name. But first: Can you move the pointer with the pen, i.e. does the pointer move when you touch or hover over the screen with the pen and move? Note that the pen may be mapped to an “extended screen” covering both display, and consequently the “pen-mouse-pointer” position might be different from where you hover over the screen.

Next things to check will be the output of xsetwacom list devices, xinput list, libwacom-list-local-devices and lsusb.

Are you using the standard Gnome/Wayland desktop?

Hi Micheal,

Thank you very much for your reply. Actually you were right. Since my tablet is a display, my pointer was mapping two screens, but I was able to modify this on the wacom tablet menu in settings. I’m sorry, it was just a silly problem. Everything is woking now.
The xsetwacom is still giving a weird output, but I guess I just have to ignore it.

[liviux@liviux-all-series ~]$ xsetwacom list devices
Wayland devices found but this tool is incompatible with Wayland. See

[liviux@liviux-all-series ~]$ libwacom-list-local-devices

  • name: ‘Wacom One Pen Display 13’
    bus: ‘usb’
    vid: ‘0x056a’
    pid: ‘0x03a6’
    • /dev/input/event2: ‘Wacom One Pen Display 13 Pen’

Thank you again