VMWARE Workstation does not detect Special keys

I’ve changed to Fedora from Ubuntu recently, and migrated my Workstation machines to the new operating system ( Fedora 36, 5.19.16 kernel )

Also, don’t know if it helps, I’ve selected “I Moved it” when asked by Workstation about first time running the VM.

Also, used this guide to install the needed modules:

My problems are:

  • Inside the VM (for example Windows), the Super (Windows) key acts as if I’m outside of VM. The Super key does not get detected by the virtual machine
  • Alt-Tab combination acts the same;
  • Copy from host to virtual machine does not work;

Any help to make them work again?
Thanks in advance!

Have you tried using X11? In my experience, Wayland seems to be much more aggressive about grabbing these keys before the VM can get to them.

Do you happen to have a guide regarding the way i should configure that?

At the display manager, where you login, do you have an option to login to an X11 session?

gear in the lower right corner of the login (password entry) screen.