Special keys not working in vmware

I use Fedora 37 with wayland and vmware workstation 17.

My main problem is that special keys (windows key) and key combinations (ctrl c , ctrl v) don’t get detected in workstation.
When i press them, they are executed on the host.

The stage thing is that on X11 they work.
I think wayland might be the problem.
Also, to note, vmware tools are installed

Any help?

If the shortcuts cannot reach the guest, the problem might be on the other side.
Be sure to fully upgrade both the host and hypervisor.

Actually, it works for me with a different hypervisor on a Linux host.
This makes me think the issue is not on the guest’s side.

I have already did that, unfortunately.

The same happened months ago for guests in virtual-manager. It got fixed after a while.

Not sure if it is the fault of Fedora host, or the VM platform.