VMware copy and paste problems

I just switched my OS to Fedora 38 Workstation. I have VMware workstation pro 17.0.2 installed. I am running Windows Server 2019 with VMTools and well working shared folder. But unfortunately, Copy and paste feature works only from host to vm but not from vm to host. Have you git any idea to resolve that problem? More info: I use gnome desktop enviroment.

Since VMware is proprietary software, it is best to contact their official support channels or even better try open source virtualization solutions, specifically the ones based on libvirt+KVM/QEMU such as GNOME Boxes and virt-manager.

I found a way to resolve problem. It is necessary to run gnome xorg display server instade of wayland which is default after installing fedora 38.

As mentioned by @vgaetera this seems to be related to the proprietary VMware. I use both VirtualBox and QEMU VMs and have never seen the problem you describe with either wayland or x11 desktops.