VM with Fedora 34 IoT image, claimed device, how to ssh to the root account on the IoT host?


HI, I created a VM of Fedora 34 IoT image (in Virtual Machine Manager), claimed the device as instructed. Then it says “ssh to the root account on the IoT host”, see bottom of the page on Setting up a Device with Zezere :: Fedora Docs.

How, where ??? I don’t get the thing about ssh. With which user should I log in? There is (obviously) a root user on the VM, but what is it’s password?

The console on the VM is showing this:

Fedora 34.20210801.0 (IoT Edition)
Kernel 5.13.5-200.fc34.x86_64 on an x86_64 (tty1)

Browse to https://provision.fedoraprojec.org to claim this device ([showing the VM’s MAC-address]) and configure SSH keys deployed

Hint: Num Lock on

fedora login:_

I am fairly new to Linux (have been using Fedora 33 for the past year), so please be kind.

As far as I can remember you should provide a public SSH key on the provision web site. Reboot the machine just to be sure that it will download the public key.
Then log in to the machine as root via SSH using the key pair.