IoT installation

Continuing the discussion from Fedora equivalent of RHEL for Edge:

When I was setting up a R Pi 4 with IoT raw image (written with ARM image installer and ssh key copied), the system boots up with login prompt and a series of text-based installation continues.

I can’t log into Zezere and claim device due to continued installation in console mode; repeating the following lines;

unit=zezere_ignition comm="systemd" exe="/usr/lib/systemd/systemd" hostname=? addr=?

Could you advise where to look so let me retry? Thanks.

Boot is complete.

Boot Status is GREEN - Health Check SUCCESS

ssh-ed into the Pi and upgrading is in progress.

Solution: followed through this Red Hat guide to complete the base installation. If an ssh key was copied onto bootable IoT image, no need to go through Zezere provisioning separately on web browser.

In addition, I’ve made basic configuration with Ansible playbook using this guide below. The key points of this playbook are;

  • Use sudo access (not root) to connect to the host (R Pi)
  • Add hostname
  • Layer additional packages such as tmux, htop, cockpit