Cannot register IoT device on Zerere

I own a Raspberry Pi 4. I flashed the SD card and inserted it. It’s plugged in via ethernet to the router. Fedora IoT boots as expected, but it doesn’t allow me to ssh in using root. When I flashed it, I had flashed also my public ssh key, but it doesn’t seem to recognize it.

The login screen tells me to go to and register the device, but when I go there, no unowned devices are listed.

I’m suspecting this problem is becuase I’m connected using IPv6, which AFAIK gives a different public IP to each machine, even when behind the same router.

I tried resetting the root password. However, that doesn’t seem to work for OSTree-based builds.

I have opened those issues long ago, and got no feedback at all. It’s quite disappointing. :sob:

Can anybody tell me just a way to actually be able to use my system somehow? ATM the only one I can think of is installing Debian, but I’d really want to use Fedora IoT.

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I know there is a way to use an ignition file with IoT, but the exact steps escape me at the moment.

I believe it involves either: (a) putting ignition file on accessible http server and specifying appropriate kernel args to load ignition file during boot, or (b) creating USB stick with ‘ignition’ label and placing ignition file in appropriate directory on USB drive.

Looks like OpenSuse has a clearer explanation than Fedora on this one…