Virus warning downloading the Fedora 32 ISO on Windows

I keep getting a virus warning from AVG in Windows when I try and download the Fedora 32 ISO.

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Are you downloading the ISO or Fedora Media Writer?


Seems like a false positive:


Jajajaja, Win64:Evo-Gen, that’s a generic message, likely based on heuristic, prone to false positive. Just ignore the message.


I work for a Swedish government organisation. We get several false positives a year from within our own IT department when we download Ubuntu ISOs… Windows Defender is a bit over protective at times but better than the opposite.

That appears to be part of the marketing ploy by AVG. McAfee does the same thing by popping up 2 or 3 similar warnings on my laptop whenever I boot windows.

It is an iso. They don’t know what is in it so poof, they block it.